Optical input on Direct Stream Jr and PCM audio from Vizio TV

Hopefully @Ted Smith sees this post; I called product support and got a vague “we’re now sure” answer. I set the digital output on my 5 yr old Vizio to “PCM” and connect the TV to the optical in on the DSD JR- no audio, tried it several times. The optical cable works when connected to my Sonos sound bar though?

Also, can I try HDMI out of the same TV and plug it into the Is input on the DSD Jr? Would that work and if it did would it correctly down mix to teo channel audio ? I’m trying to get the best two channel audio from my Vizio before resorting to using the analog stereo audio outputs (RCA) from the TV and running them into my pre amp. Thanks

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Welcome to the forum, I run a fiber optic to my DSD-Sr without any problems, not sure about the JR. I just had to set the external out to digital on my Samsung which is 9 years old.

HDMI will not work–the HDMI on the Jr. is not standard digital output for HDMI but a proprietary one to convey digital info via I2S from a device which can match up properly, which is not a TV or DVR or video device etc.

Thanks, I assumed that to be the case-
I cant figure why the optical in doesnt work though- 44 pcm should be standard no?

Yup- i did the same. Tv digital out is set to PCM - which i understand to be a standard. When i called ps audio tech support they were uncertain and said it may be the tv pcm out is not standard but that doesnt make semse as it works fine with my sonos sound bar.

Yes, , , I would make sure all settings are correct, that this is the optical output not input, etc. I’ve little experience with digital out from TVs, always use a DVR or output from a DVD or Blu-ray player for that.

I have had no problems using toslink to connect an old Samsung TV to either DSD Sr or DSDII. I did have to make sure my cable box was set to send two channel digital out.

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Yup- the tv just has the option to set digital out to pcm

TOSLink is one of the more reliable inputs for the DS and DS Jr. As was mentioned you need to make sure that your TV’s out is set for two channel PCM instead of, say, DTS. Many of us use the TOSLink outputs of our video systems… Is there a chance that you aren’t getting the TOSLink cable firmly plugged into the Jr? And, just, in case: I assume that you can see the red light coming out of the end of the TOSLink cable.


Hi Ted, yes, the Vizio is set to PCM for Optical out (it’s also the only video component I use- no DVD or Oppo etc.) and the red light is on at the end of the cable, I switch the DSD Jr to “Optical” input and get nothing…I’m going to try the optical input to the DSD from my Blusound in the next day or so to see if I get sound from it (or not). Will let you know !

I assume I’m correct that once set to “PCM” on the TV that PCM output should be “readable” by the DSD JR yes ?


If the other choices on your Vizio besides PCM are, say, DD and/or DTS then PCM is the good choice. The DS Jr does accept standard PCM at 44.1k, 48k, 88.2k, 96k (and with better TOSLink cables) 176.4k and 196k. I don’t know your particular Vizio, but it’s very probable that it is sending one of those.


Yup, I’d think so and am left scratching my head as to why no audio from it via the optical in…

If your other TOSLink output device doesn’t work with the Jr you might call PS Audio customer support.

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Yep, will do, thanks