Sprout and Rel subwoofers

I read somewhere that some class D amplifiers can short out if you connect the speaker left and right outputs of these class D amps to the high level inputs of subwoofers such as Rel subwoofers.

I’d like to know if it’s safe connecting the Sprouts left and right speaker outputs to the high level inputs of my Rel Quake subwoofer. It’s a 3 wire connection with a wire for right, another for left and the third one for ground.

It really depends on how REL does their high level inputs. The output of Sprout is balanced, as is most Class D amps. That means that both the + and - outputs of Sprout are active - this, relative to another type of amplifier that is single ended, where the + output is active and the - output is ground.

Older REL subs would not allow a balanced output power amplifier to connect because the - input of the REL grounds the output of the amp.

Check with REL and ask “can I connect a balanced output power amplifier without a problem.”

I was just reading the CI Audio amp manual (uCd based amps) and they have an interesting suggestion. For connecting digital amps to high level inputs on subs they recommend connecting the positive amp terminal to the positive high level input of the sub and connect the negative sub input to chassis ground on the amp.

This is something that I need to try as I have a HSU sub that I need to connect to a digital amp (PS Audio GCC-500). I hope that I don’t let the magic smoke out. :slight_smile: