Optimum Roon settings for DS senior

I am using a DS senior on USB input, together with an Innuous Zenith 3 (which is my Roon hub). I have a Bridge but am not using it because of the ticks and pops on the Bridge input which I’ve described before and which PS Audio is trying to resolve. I listen to Roon using Tidal and Qobuz. I’m confused by all the settings available on Roon such as dsd playback, mqa capabilities, resync delay, max sample rate pcm, max bits per sample, max sample rate dsd, clock master priority, and many many more. Don’t even know what most of these mean. I’m wondering what the optimum Roon settings are when using the DS and Innuous. Does anyone have a guide to optimum settings or is there some place online to find this information? I’ve already looked at Roon’s online information. Thanks.

You really shouldn’t need to change anything beyond enabling the DS in Roon Audio settings.

The defaults will work fine. Once you have this working, you can try upsampling but I find the DS is much better at it than Roon.


I would add that if you have the Bridge II ethernet card, you need to make sure you set the DS Sr. as a Decoder and Renderer in the device set up menu. Otherwise, Tidal MQA files will not be “unfolded”.


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Keep it simple…