Output setting question

Hello, I cant seem to find an exact answer to my question so I’ll ask here. I have a p5 powerplant and of coarse it has the adjustable output voltage. I use a Naim supernait 2, a Naim Highcap DR, Mytek Brooklyn Bridge for streaming, and an oppo CDP. All plugged into the p5. The range of INPUT voltage from wall(according to the p5) has varied from 119.4v to 124.6 assuming 120v is “normal”. Because of this I have set the p5 to 120v and no problems, until I realized the naim gear is labeled 115v next to the mains. Surely it won’t ruin the naim gear giving it extra 5v, but will it help the sound to set it to 115v? Furthermore, will it hurt the Mytek and cdp if they are looking for 120v(not sure there is no tag)? Im assuming to set it 115 because the naim gear is the biggest draws for sure on power.
Many thanks!!

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Welcome @aubbrin570 !

I am certain all of your components will operate fine on the voltages you mention. I suggest experimenting and see if you hear a difference in the sound at various voltages and then go with the best sounding.

No worries or problems with setting to 120, but I think you need to experiment with sound quality. On some products, notable power amps, that extra 5 volts can be helpful. But, with most equipment that internally uses regulated power supplies, the difference is typically not noticeable.

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I noticed an improvement at 115v vs 120v. Just don’t want to hurt any components. What’s better, slight under voltage, or slight over voltage. I understand that house current varies and this gear “deals” with it however, since I can select the proper voltage, why not?

Setting the voltage anywhere from 115 to 120 is fine. You will not hurt anything. Go with what sounds best.

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