Is there any advantage to setting output voltage to be different to 240v (local system standard is 230v)

Default voltage output for a UK P5 is 240 volts. The nominal standard in my country is 230, the actual input comes in about 231-236. Is there any advantage to setting the output at 230? Would the unit have less work to do?

Yes, setting your output voltage to 230V would be a good idea.

Have done, thanks

Hi Blackicehurts … just came across this thread. How did this work out, did you hear in difference in sound with the unit set to 230 volts?

I’m in the UK also so interested to hear your findings.

Also wondering why the UK units are set to 240 volts when we use 230 volts, should they not be set to 230 volts at the factory?

An interesting question, especially since 240V nominal is quite uncommon throughout the world, where 230V is very common.

Just changed my P10 from 240 to 230 volts, listening tests tonight to see if I can hear any benefits.

On hi-fi, bass appears more defined, overall sound a little bit crisper.

The P10 runs the hi-fi and a home cinema system.

The projector isn’t run off the P10 but amps, processor and blu-ray player are. Picture quality improved, more 3d, defined, solid. Hard to pick up on the sound as the picture quality takes up most of the senses.

Definitely hasn’t done any harm changing to 230 volts, can only improve as this is what the rest of the equipment runs off and one of the main reasons I bought a regenerator for, to supply my kit with exactly the power they are supposed to run with.