P-10 Shutting Down


In the last two weeks I’ve come home to find out my P-10 has shut down. The lights are on, but it produces no power. Obviously it doesn’t sound as good when I listen with everything cold and even when warmed up I’m not certain it sounds quite as good as before.

Any one else experienced this? Do you know the cure? Sure not fun to come home and try to listen to cold equipment. Ug!

Steven B-)

It looks something has tripped. How heavy is the load during the the day? Is there enough cooling for the P10. I would open a ticked maybe there’s a fault log they could look in to.

I’ve seen this issue before with P10 and P5, but not with P3 (yet). It is not load dependent, meaning it can happen any time whatever load is being drawn on the Power Plant. I’ve just bought a new Dectet and it has started doing the same thing, in the morning I found the blinking light of death flashing at me. The Dectet did not shut down due to a real fault condition because it is plugged in to a P3, so the power input to the Dectet is rock stable all the time.

I suspect the devices are shutting down due to erroneous fault detection conditions. I’m left wondering if the P5/10/Dectet share similar fault detection software, but the P3 does not. My Duet does not shut down either…the P3/Duet behave themselves all the time, the PPP/P10/P5 and now the Dectet have all experienced un-commanded shutdowns for unknown reasons.

...maybe there's a fault log they could look in to.

As far as I know the P10 doesn't capture a fault log that can be diagnosed remotely.

@brodricj - Excellent thinking.