Strange P10 behavior

I experienced a strange behavior today. I switched off the high power zone via my web browser and that resulted in a shutdown of all zones for approx 10 secs and then all the zones restored itself (except for the high power zone) without any intervention. I have never seen this before. The P10 also reported a lost global connection for a short period a few days ago.

Not a big issue as long as it doesn’t return.

Am I alone on this one or have others seen something similar?

I rarely use the web interface in this fashion, but the unit has always responded properly when I have. I suspect you experienced an odd, unlikely to reoccur, communications blurp (technical term).

These issues are part of why I continue to prefer a physical interface on the unit itself and conventional remotes.


I need to control different zones, e.g. I cannot have my tube amps powered at all times. My P10 is not easily accessible either.

It has always worked fine except for tripping the mains fuse every now and then due to high inrush current. I need to replace my 16Ab fuse with a 16Ac.

I understand. I have tube amps plugged in as well. Fortunately, I can reach the power switch fine. The programmed delay works well for inital poewr up to standby, and then through the operate switches on the amps.

I, too, would opt for some type of remote power up if I could not get to the switch.