Dectet tripping/shutting down issue solved?

Hey guys,

I m planning to get the Dectet. I read on various forums about people complaining about the dectet shutting down by itself. The issue was the dectet thought there was a power issue when there never was one. Have the new units been fixed? or the issue is still there in random units? owners can share some light?


That was a long-ago issue on older models that hasn’t been true for more than a year. It was quickly fixed in firmware.

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Thanks for the confirmation Paul.

A lot more than a year…it was fixed late 2013.

My two Dectet seems to shut off quite frequently. How can their firmware be fixed?

Send it to PS Audio. Best to check with their customer service first as they will probably need to generate an RMA for it.

When did you purchase it?

I reckon this is the problem with the relay click followed by fast flickering of the blue logo?
Restoring power, wait for 5 secs and it works again?
Happens to me a couple of times per month by average for the last two years.

Since my Dectet had the software upgrade done (almost 5 years ago), no problems since. Rock solid stability.

My two Dectet were produced in 2012 and the situation is getting worse these days. It happened 2 to 3 times per week. Didn’t know there is a firmware fix for these. Will contact the service department. Thanks.

That’s right. A 2012 build will have the original production software on it, which is most likely why you’ve been having issues with it all this time.

Hi guys,

I see nothing has been posted here for a while, but perhaps someone can help me.

For about a month now I have been having the same problems with my Dectet. It switches on and off several times in a row and several times a day. Sometimes nothing happens for a long time and then suddenly it happens all the time.
I’ve tried a lot of things, unplugging all devices, different wall sockets, different power cable, resets… nothing helps.

I’ve already contacted PS Audio, but they can’t do anything because the Dectet is no longer available. Parts are also no longer available. It’s not nice to hear that I’ll just have to replace it with another type of device.

Is there anything else I can do or does anyone have any tips?
I’d like to keep the Dectet if possible