P-5 Load question


I know this has been covered, but I have to ask-

Could a P-5 drive a BHK 250, the Directstream DAC, and a Mac Mini?

Thanks in advance.


i drive a class A, 8 watt headphone amp and all my sources and my BHK preamp. That would be the limit not a BHK 250.

Hi CB,

The P5 can handle the BHK 250, DSD, and Mac without any trouble at all.

My take is that the ability to drive and a satisfactory sound especially the dynamics will suffer. Paul can chime in but a P10 or it’s replacement a P15 would better match a Bhk250.

You’re right that a P10 or P15 would be better suited to the task, though I don’t think saying dynamics would suffer is quite right.

When comparing against the wall outlet or a power conditioner, any Power Plant (so long as it has enough headroom for to you run it at around 70% load) will be a great improvement for dynamics and sound quality.

If we’re comparing P5 to the P10 or P15, then you’re right that the higher end models would perform better.