P10 clicking sound

Someone wanted to sell me a P10 and he is frank enough to tell me that his P10 has an audible clicking sound intermittently. His set was bought in 2013 and according to him, he has brought it back to the dealer and they were unable to find out the problem. According to him, the dealer, and apparently PS Audio in US claimed that the clicking sound is caused by expanding metal/casing in the P10 and there is nothing wrong with his set. What do you guys think? Does your P10 has a clicking sound?

Thank you.

Anyone can help with my queries above? Thank you.

Sorry, must have missed this. It may not be anything wrong - the clicking is when the P10 switches to the line and it does this when it senses problems on the power line it’s not comfortable with - it is supposed to do that. The reason often times we can’t find the problem is there isn’t one - when you change the p10’s location it often goes away.

A relay in my P3 started clicking when I moved to another state.

It’s back with the AU distributor (in yet another state) as I type and they tell me it hasn’t clicked once :(

In my case it’s because of the wildly differing voltages in this part of Australia - I’ve seen from 228 to 245v - which cause the “buck/boost” relay to trigger. Sadly it’s looking like there’s not much that can be done except for experiment with the output voltage.

There are other relays in these units so it may not be large variation in input voltage causing the clicking in your case.

Can you borrow the unit temporarily and see if it clicks?

My P5 clicks too.

I finally pinned it down to the power as when I put the glass top stove (3 phase) on in the kitchen the power drops around 7V+ to my P5 each time the element goes on. Then the P5 clicks a lot.

Otherwise I only hear a click occasionally from time to time.

Get someone to put on the kettle, stove or other devices around the house that draw a lot of power and see if your unit clicks then.