Questions about my P 10.

Hello everyone. This is my first time posting and I hope that I have done so in the correct place.

  1. I have owned a P 10 for about two years and would not consider listening to my tube based system without it. Also, all of my power cords are AC 12’s, two meters long. All AC 12’s are plugged into my P 10…every outlet is filled. Lately, the P 10 has started making a metallic, clicking sound. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason as to when I will here it (although I do not here it very often). Can any one explain what this sound is?

  2. I have just purchased a P S Audio Power Base for underneath my P 10. The “on off” switch on the front of my P 10 services my entire system…I turn off the entire system when not in use. To continue with this scenario after I install the Power Base, do I plug my Power Base into my P 10 (so that I can continue to use the P 10’s “on off” switch) and then plug two items that used to be plugged into my P 10 into my Power Base?

Thank you for your help.

Welcome to the forums! I am not sure about this clicking sound you describe. Is it a tiny click inside the unit? How often does it happen? There are two sources of clicks I have heard, the clicking of the heatsinks as they heat up and cool down and the internal bypass relay that can activate depending on the the quality of the incoming power (which can vary).

I would feed the P10 from the PowerBase and leave the PowerBase always on. Then, use the P10 with its master front panel standby switch as normal.

Paul, thank you for your response to my questions. The clicking that I hear can be described exactly as you described…it is tiny and internal. As to when it happens…that is more difficult to describe, as there is no specific time that it occurs. Either way, it does not sound as if it is anything that I should be concerned with…correct?

Also, I will follow your recommendation regarding the P 10 coupled to the Power Base.

Thank you, Mark.

Correct. Sounds like the 10 is doing its job.