P10 firmware upgrade

After upgrade to the latest MW firmware, does the P10 retain its original settings and IP address?


I found out that it does.

I have set the MW to strenght 6, however I am not able to confirm if it is invoked or not (= sine) when the MW button is toggled on the remote?

Actually I just found out that I am not able to switch between multiwave and sinewave from the P10 display or from the Remote. There is no reaction after repeated attempts! I tried to reduce the load, but it didn’t help. I also tried to alter the MW setting and rebooted the P10 - still no remedy.

@frode what is your THD OUT?

THD in = 1%

THD out = 0.1%

Also, after a while the P10 display goes dead and cannot be woken up from the remote without powering on the P10. This worked for the previous version, I think.

Every output works, though (I use the web interface to power the zones).

Ok. Everything is working - I figured it out.

The space in front of the P10 display is somewhat restricted, but when I set the display to bright I was able to see that it is only the text in the Waveform icon that changes from sine to multi, vice versa when engaged. How about mentioning this in the manual…(?)


Has Unit Lockout on/off in the web Configuration menu something to do with the global connection? If not, what is its purpose?

I can not find any answer to this question on the internet?
What is this option for?