Questions about the P10 (coming) and P500 (had a long time), what to plug in to which

I’ve had a P500 for quite a few years and given the limited capacity have used it for my Oppo BDP-105D, DSJr, Bryston SP3, Xfinity set-top box (all regenerated) and Bel Canto S300 surround amp (filtered). Plugged directly into the wall are my Bryston 6B-SST2 and Revel Ultima Sub30. I have two separate 30 amp circuits behind my equipment stand. The P10 will be delivered on Monday.

My question is for each component, which to plug in to each possibility, a)P10, b)P500, c)wall socket. Paul indicated that the P10 would be able to safely power the whole setup, but if there’s any advantage to plugging lower priority components into the P500, saving some capacity of the P10, then I’d try it. For me, the lower priority would be the Xfinity box and S300.

What I’m not likely to do is to madly flip power cables around for weeks on end and engage in super critical listening. I’m looking for theoretical, yet practical, “real world” opinions which I’m happy to entertain. Thank you.

My “real world” suggestion is to plug it all into the P10 and enjoy the sonic improvement. In my experience the P10 will handle it all safely and still have plenty of headroom left. I’ve always noticed some people report that their amps sound better plugged directly into the wall. The only time that an amp sounded improved plugged into the wall was when I plugged it into the other outlet of a PS Audio Solist SE, the P10 also plugged into it. . . it was protected and sounded good, but it sounded better plugged into the P10 . . . and it has stayed plugged into the P10

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What he said. :slight_smile: No question.

Okay, that seems pretty clear. I’ll plug everything into the P10 (arriving today from dealer existing stock). I’ll watch the output metrics for any signs of overdrawing.

One more question. I see that the P10 is 8 inches tall, and the distance between shelves in my Salamander Design stand is 9 inches. I have doors in front, but they are perforated metal and the back is open. Is 1 inch of clearance sufficient for cooling?

Thank you!

The bottom unit is my BHK 250, just above that is my P10. I have about 2" above the P10. You can see the perforated front and I have an extended back cover that sticks out about 3" from the back of the rack.

The only overheat issue I ever had was last July with the BHK. We had about 25 people dancing in the family room with the stereo LOUD. The BHK shut down. Let it cool for about 5 minutes, started right back up, turned down the volume, just a little, and kept the party going.

BTW: Everything is plugged into the P10! I even have a 70 watt integrated amp (just below the DS) that I use to drive some outdoor speakers. Yes, I have the inside and outside system(s) running pretty loud when entertaining in the summer.

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Nice Cary 05 up there I do believe? Glad it worked out. I have always tried to use an open type rack/set up but sounds like yours is working fine heat wise…

You bet