P10 high THD

Hi there,

I have at home a recently bought (used from an authorized dealer) P10, powered it just now.
I’m getting very weird results of Voltage IN/OUT and very high THD also.
Firmware is 41. MW strength 6 and Phase tune O in low distortion mode.
I’ll attach some pics and appreciate your comments.

Adjust the phase tune, increase step by step…find number where THD out is lowest.

Pretty much looks like my problem in the past, the P10 probably needs to be repaired…


Phase tune is at 0.
Your suggestion is to go to 1; 2 and so on?
MW strength is 6.

Really? It was an hardware issue?

Unfortunately yes

Sure looks like she’s broken! Sorry, I know how it feels!

Yep, it’s busted. This is a known problem, especially with the EX 230V version…it needs to go back from whence it came.

You’ve tried the hard reset? Turn off, unplug, have a nice cup tea, plug in, turn on?

99.99999% sure it’s busted. It’s a return to dealer job for repair.

Iup. Checked polarity once again for the sake of it, disconnected all the gear, hard reset, went outside for a smoke, connected all again and still get the same weird values. Voltage out higher than voltage in and thd out very far from the normal factor of 10. I’m getting 1.6% in and a whopping 1,2% out.
So the evidence shows that, unfortunately, the unit is damaged.
I have sent an email to the dealer to work things out, which I’m sure he will, since he’s an authorized PS Audio distributor.

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Fact or just guessing? Please substantiate this statement…

I’m afraid you are right.
This is a struggle for me, since I suffer from lower back hard pain, having it installed (alone) was terrible, now just thinking of the idea of handling it again and pack it for return gives me the chills.
Oh well, if it’s gotta be, it’s gotta be.
I won’t accept that an authorized dealer of PS Audio haven’t tested the unit with the last firmware prior to shipping.
In fact, the unit came without an SD card in it, which for starters is very unprofessional I must say.
Thank you all for the replys and I’m sure that with the help of someone from PS Audio this problem will be solved.
I’ve been around this forums for a few months and read some threads and it’s unbelievable the attention and care that this company has for their customers.

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If you have owned as many power plants as I have (probably 10, and every one has broken down), and followed this forum as long as I have (probably 15 years)…just saying.

For what it’s worth, despite the inconvenience, it can be repaired. Whilst customer service standards seem to vary among the international distributions, PS Audio HQ can rattle the cage whenever required to get things done. It will get fixed, I’m sure of it.

Long term intensive reader over here too though i do not recognize your statement. After 10 busted p10’s you must be the most unfortunate user of all times.

Look, this whole discussion has been flogged to death before. We’ve heard from lots of owners of busted power plants on this forum, but it’s probably only a small percentage of the total number out there that don’t break down. I think Paul quoted a 2% failure rate, but my feeling of it is the 230V ones break far more frequently than the 120V ones.

I buy new stuff and it arrives here busted i.e. before I’ve even touched it. Maybe 3 or 4 pieces thus far DOA for whatever reason. It all gets fixed, and without too much drama.

Are there any risk in leaving the equipment connected to this faulty P10 or should I put it aside?
Cheers and have a nice weekend guys!

Unplug everything from the P10. You don’t want to damage your other equipment.