P10 shows strange values


I am new here and have a few questions about the P 10.
I’m a bit baffled, because the P10 obviously doesn’t do what it should.
Last week I bought a used and offered as like new P10.
I received the device yesterday and connected it according to the instructions.
First I used a multimeter to measure the voltage at the wall socket.
231.5 volts AC
But the status screen of the P10 shows strange values.
Voltage in 225.1 V
Voltage out 224.1 V
although 230V are set in the setup.
The device does not react in any way to changes in the settings for Phase Tune and MW Strengsth and Mode.
THD in 2.6%
THD out 2.4%
It should be 10 times lower
I had a premier before that showed THD out at 0.2%

Furthermore, the screen shows the sine curve with a relatively large phase shift .


Obviously the P10 is broken or is it a calibration problem? Is there a known problem?
Interestingly, the measurement with the multimeter at the outputs of the P10 shows 231.7 V.
The P10 is registered with PS Audio.
Unit Number is 124142
Bootloader: 1.13.00
Firmware: 0.00.39
Power meter: 0.21.00
Oscillator: 0.23.00
Web: 1.19.00

I would be happy if someone can say something about it. Maybe Paul … :slight_smile:


sounds like there may be a problem with the regenerator.

Have you tried some other multimeter?

Unfortunately this is a sign the regeneration circuitry has failed. The unit needs to be repaired.

Peter, Elk is exactly right. This unit is not functioning properly and needs to be serviced. The telltale sign is that the THD output is so high. This should be somewhere in the .2-.4% range. Luckily these are still serviceable. Let me know what country you’re in and I can get you in touch with the right folks.

Dear users

Thanks for the quick replies. They help me to pinpoint the mistake. I am in contact with the German sales department and I hope we can find a good solution.


Best of luck! I hope you get the issue resolved quickly.

Hi Guys,

the problem has been found and solved. A cable detached during transport and caused a short circuit afterwards. The short circuit then damaged two components. Most of the work was looking for which parts broke. Repair cost $ 500. I hope the insurance company of the shipping company will pay for it without hesitation.

Thx for your help

Best wishes


Thank you for the follow up, Peter.

Thanks Peter. Glad it was sorted reasonable quickly!

Hello James,
I have a question about the voltage output of the P10.
I have set the P10 to 230 volts. However, about 1 volt less is displayed in the status. If I change the values in the tune phase, it will be better, but I will not reach the 230 volts at the output. Is this a mistake or is it a calibration problem? Or is that in the area of the tolerance to be accepted?

best regards


The P10 works very well



In most cases, it’s the calibration that is slightly off. The tolerance is also be about +/- a volt, so the only way to know for sure is to measure the output.