P10 power outlets having extreme difficulty plugging in AC plug. and solution

Just purchased a new P10. I have searched and found two to three references in the forum regarding others folks that had the same problem. Their solution was to force the plug in. I REALLY had to push very hard to attempt to get the plugs in and then just stopped for fear of breaking the outlet.

I am using inexpensive plugs and the culprit is the “U” shaped ground prong. I noticed that stock cords with a conical tip ground were easier to get into the P10 outlet. I am assuming the edge of the “U” shaped ground prong of the plug is hitting an edge of an entry point of the outlet and will go no further. I do not want to break the P10 outlet with excessive force.

Here was my solution, take pliers, bend the tip of the cheap ground prong and make it conical shaped. Yes, it worked, I could not get the plugs in otherwise. In so doing, I also chipped the cheap plating on one plug.

I want to order Furutech FI-11 plug replacement for all my connectors and they look exactly the same “U” shaped as the cheap existing plugs.

I do not want to bend the Furutech plugs just to get them into the P10 outlet. Is there any other option out there?

Could I possibly have a bad lot of P10 outlets where there is a problem with the ground part of the receptacle? Is this a design flaw? (just asking)

Any suggestions welcome.

The receptacles we use on the P10 are certainly stiff and I wish they weren’t so much. It is hard to plug in, though once you do they loosen up. We experimented for quite some time with other receptacles that were easier to insert but over repeated use, they became too loose and thus we settled on these - harder at first but never losing grip over the years.

Not perfect, that’s for sure, but once you get the plugs inserted, you’re in good shape.