New P10 Plugs Difficult

I hate to ask a dumb question but…Is there some trick to plugging my PS Audio power cables into my new P10? I’m finding I need to put a LOT of force to plug my equipment power cables into the P10 and I have not been completely successful yet. Is there something I’m missing as I don’t want to force them so much that something breaks. Thanks for any help.

They do require a lot of force, as they are designed to clamp firmly for good contact. The bigger and heavier the plug, the more force it may take.

I do appreciate the reason to need significant force and it’s only a problem with the larger plugs. I finally had to quit on two receptacle slots. Two of us working together could not get the premium cords into them after a fair amount of effort. They do take the cheapies like the ethernet switch and the disk drive without problem but that’s not really why I got the P10. I surely don’t want to move the plugs from side to side to loosen the receptacles up or break out the power tools. It seems excessive.

I wonder if those are out of alignment or something. That doesn’t sound right.

I have a P5 built 3-4 years ago, and those plugs are TIGHT, even when not using big audiophile connectors. Seems to be a feature not a bug.

New P10 about 6 months ago; plugging in my AC power cords was a major PITA, sweat and cussing for a couple hours… 20_gif

Yes, exactly my day yesterday!

Something doesn’t sound right. I made major changes to my system this weekend and unplugged and re-plugged several components into my P10. While the P10 receptacles are tighter than standard household receptacles, they’re not that difficult to deal with. Slightly more pressure to plug and unplug but nothing extraordinarily difficult. I use PS Audio AC3 and some Signal Cable power cords.

Note: my P10 is US NEMA 5-20R configured.

Mine’s a mix of AC-5’s and a couple AC-12’s. Other power cord brands did slip in easier, but I was determined to use my AC’s. They are NEVER coming out after the epic effort needed to get those beotches in. Swore I was gonna bust something trying. And it wasn’t just one AC cord (or P10 outlet), it was the all of them. Very odd.


stax said

I hate to ask a dumb question but…Is there some trick to plugging my PS Audio power cables into my new P10?..

Using stabilant 22 on the power cable pins will reduce the force required, and provide an electrically conductive chemical bond between the physical contacts.

Deoxit Gold would probably do a similar job - good idea.

Thank you. I have some Deoxit Gold…I’ll try that.