How to open P10


I want to change the AC Inlet in a Furutech NCF. The question is, how to open the P10 ?


On the bottom there should be 4 black screws

These need to be removed flip it over and lift off lid

I use a glass fitters suction device to safely lift it

I just sent you an email with some instructions.

Dear music listeners,

Thank you very much for the quick and competent help, I wouldn’t have thought of that. The screws are cleverly hidden.

I wish everyone a corona free Christmas


Dear James,
last weekend I tried to open the P10. Unfortunately, despite the instructions, I have reached my limits because the instructions are for loosening the front panel. I want to loosen the back panel to replace the AC inlet. There are so many screws on the underside of the P10 that I don’t dare to loosen them, otherwise something might fall inwards. Do you have instructions on how to remove the back panel?
What about the Schuko sockets in the back panel. I don’t think the quality is particularly good because all my Schuko plugs are very loose. Is it possible to change them? For example Furutech sockets?

Best Wishes


Perhaps obvious - but be very careful not to kill yourself! There may be capacitors inside that can retain current even after you unplug the Px from the wall!