p10 powerplant can it handle 2 Anthem P5 statement Amps?


Willl the P10 power plant be able to handle 2 of these amps


along with my digital gear and Loewe TV?

Here is the complete list of equipment

(2) Anthem Statement P5 Amps

Anthem D1 processor

Meridian G65 and HD621 Processors and Media Core 200 and Media drive 600 and Control15

Bel Canto DAC 3.5 VB MKII and USB Ref Link and VBS Power supply

Sonos Connect

Marantz Blue ray BD8002

Direct TV Sat

Sony VCR

Loewe Aconda TV

Furman IT reference I20 Power conditioner

Exact power SP15A X4 Power conditioner

(4) Quantum QV2 AC Line harmonizer

Thanks in advance



Just to let anyone know 2 Anthem P5 amps working 6 Channels and the Anthem D1 processor gets to 67% load with .4 thd


Welcome to the forum, glad to hear the P10 is working well for you. Have you noticed any differences to the sound of your system as a result?


The sound is getting closer to a live performance! I keep tweaking, next thing will be getting AC12 cables for the amps