Use of P10 or P15 for small recording studio and (separately) for tube-based amps and pre-amps?

Hi all,
I am considering purchasing 2 used P10s or potentially new P12 or P15 units and wanted to get some feedback on my two application scenarios:

  1. Home Recording Studio - I make electronic music. My studio consists of a few hardware synths , Rupert Neve summing mixer, Burl & Antelope ADAs, IMac Pro, Adam S line monitors and my headphone listening station with the PS Audio DirectStream Dac and Simaudio Moon 430HA. I am currently able to run all of this off one household 20A circuit, using an entry level power conditioner by Fuhrman for the mixing and ADA equipment. While Powerplants have been primarily designed for audio reproduction equipment, are there any issues/concerns/recommendations utilizing a P10 (or 12/15) for protection of recording equipment and delivering a clean power source while laying down tracks?

  2. Main Stereo - I have a tube pre and main amp (McIntosh C2600, MC275), and Wilson Sabrinas in my main listening setup. This is also where I have the TV, BD player, streamers, fiber modem and router etc. Is there any issue or concern using a PowerPlant with tube containing audio equipment? Any concerns or issues connecting both audio, video and network equipment to the same powerplant?

I assume that for both areas I will need a P10 or higher to deal with the power draw of all these connected units?

Thank you in advance for your help!

No concerns connecting both audio, video and network stuff to the same powerplant (using different outlets) and IMO no need for 2x P10 (or P15) for that system, one is enough to handle all. And your tube containing equipment will be very pleased :grinning:

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