P10 revisions?

I am wondering about how many revisions the P10 went through?

By reading here and on other forums, it looks like that the P10 have gotten firmware updates but also new hardware revisions - I can’t seem to find any release notes on the different hardware revisions of the Power Plant, can any of you help with this… with a timeline and with the different model names?

Regards René

Detailed hardware revisions for the P10 will be hard to track down as it would require some digging in our engineering’s drive. I’m not aware of any significant internal hardware changes. The two hardware changes I’m aware of is older units had those coax connectors in the back and a different IR receiver in the front. If you’re trying to buy used, I wouldn’t be concerned about this. P10’s tend to be tanks!


Thanks for your reply.

I’ve read that a newer version had soft-start (on the high current outlets) - does it make a difference with the soft-start when using a Mcintosh mc452 on the P10?

will a P10 be sufficient with a mc452, Anthem mrx720, Mcintosh c2600, streamer and DAC? - some write a big amp on the p10 is fine and others that it’s not. :nerd_face:

All the best…