Problem with P10 after 2 years


I wonder if there is anyone has similar problem with P10 after using it for some time?

I have been a long time user of Powerplants, starting with P300 to P10, I had used all models and had seen some failures with them.

Thought the new model will be more reliable, I brought two P10’s in 2011, used them to drive my all tube amp system. After two years, the P10’s started to shut down suddenly showing “short circuit” on the screen. They were taken back to the dealer and the output modules of both units have to be replaced.

In Hong Kong, this repair is not covered by waranty. Obviously, I was fairly disappointed by the reliablility of the P10 whom was claimed to be all made in the States.

I hope Paul can comment on this post.


First, I am very sorry you had even a hint of trouble with your Power Plant.

The P10 is extremely reliable with well under 1% failure rate, which is not bad for something that can output such power levels so I am surprised you had two output modules replaced. Unusual for one, really off the charts for two.

If you have a problem again, please contact us directly and we’ll work with you through Radar.


@thomaskllidr - mine was giving the warning and shutting down earlier in the year. I rolled back the FW - problem solved.



Thanks, David. Yes, the shut down may have been caused by the new firmware. I shall inform the local dealer about it.

Paul, as you said, it is extremely unusual that both my P10 fail at the same time. Would you be kind enough to double check with your engineers that the new firmware is okay, particularly with export models. Thank you. (N.B. my P10’s use updated firmware)


I also changed my power on sequence. I now leave everything on that is solid state, and reserve one zone for my amplifier. I turn on its switch, then I turn on the HC zone from the front panel of the P10, thereby taking advantage of the in-rush limiter. That gives the amp a gentler start, and keeps the P10 from powering down.


In Hong Kong, this repair is not covered by waranty.

WHY? I thought this had been addressed with the International distributors a while back?


I also want to know why. I was told that in Hong Kong, powerplant only has one year waranty, not three years like in the States.


If I recall, PS Audio raised this a few years back with Radar, and the end result was 3 years warranty…


Thanks for the information. I have sent an email to PS Audio support team asking for their clarification, hope they can give a final answer.


Our products have a 3 year warranty around the world. Most of our distributors are good about honoring that. In a few cases we need to nudge them a bit. Let us know if you have a problem with radar. They are a great distributor and have been so for many years.


My new p5 did this once on a zone with a power cord plugged in but not connected to anything. And it is fed from a ups. I think these things will just happen with complex systems . Both of my units works fine and I am purchasing a third.


I have the same problem with PowerPlant P5. When I switch on my amp PowerPlant shuts down. And after I swith it again it shows “short circuit”. Sometimes this happens very often even several times a day. And sometimes this problem doesn’t appear for months.


The P5 does not have the soft start as the P10 does. So, it really depends on where you hit the AC sine wave on turn on. Hit it in the zero point and all is good. Hit it exactly on the peak and not too good.


Lol I understand that , but a while ago one of the zones with just a power cord plugged and nothing connected at the other end . I came home and the unite was all red and indicating a short. But it is fine since then with no complaints what so ever.


I thought the P10 should be left on all the time; therefore, there will not be any turning on/off issues. Is it correct that they should be left on at all times?


Well someone else needs to answer that, but mine are always on in standby anyway. But the Pwd mkii and PWT say in the inst they must be in standby so those zones are on with mine.


Is it possible to minimize “short circuit” turn off effect in P5 by choosing multiwave mode?


I would think that Multiwave would make it worse rather than better since Multiwave creates more time in the high energy part of the voltage waveform.



I agree with JP, it’ll make it worse if it has any affect at all.

#20 Yes, it is correct they are better left on all the time.