Difference between Old and New P10

Can anyone explain the difference between an old and newer P10. I see some P10’s, with coax connections on the back, for sale. I assume these are older? Any idea when the original and newer P10’s were released and what the difference is?

For the first few years, all P10s and P5s had coax protection because PS Audio was investing in home theater uses. Over time they were dropped those because they were mostly going to waste.

Thanks are there any other performance differences? How old would the units with coax be?


I believe everything else is the same performance-wise.

I do not specifically recall when the P5 and P10. I believe it was 2014.

thx for the info - I see reviews dating back to 2011. Any idea if there’s a shelf life here since it may be 7 years old? Was considering a P12 but there are a lot of deals on P10’s out there now…

I expect the PowerPlant will last a good long time. I would expect a seven year-old P10 to be just fine.

Hi again,

On the original P10 there is no designation for high current as there is with newer P10’s.

Are E and D considered high current inputs on these units?

Elk - any chance you’d know?


I think they are. I would check the manual.

Considering purchasing this version and can’t fine manual online. Can someone from PSA comment when you have a min.

If I remember correctly we didn’t do the slow start options on those older units. The high current option is only for starting up big hungry power amps. Once they are started the outlets are all the same.

Thanks, Paul. I did not recall.

Thanks All.