P10 ...... when will the new firmware be released?

I remember Paul mentioning the new display format on the yet to be released P20 would be coming to P10 owners via a firmware update?

Any info as to when this will become available?

Yes, I would like to know this as well. I currently have a pair of P5 units but may pick up a NOS P10 from a dealer.

Hi Darren … looks like the P5 and P10 are now discontinued, not sure whether new firmware will be made available now.Paul did say a long time ago that he would make the new P20 firmware available to the P10 owners?

Paul did mention he isn’t sure yet what they will be doing with the older units and firmware. I assume if it’s easy to do they will offer something. PSA is good about that.

Indeed. We’ll work on making them available after refurbishing.

Not looking to beat a dead horse here, but I was told the P10 never was produced with protection for coax cable. But I see one for sale here. What gives. I assume this was a beta unit?

Nope. For the first few years all P10s and 5s had coax protection because we were investing in home theater uses. Over time we dropped those because they were mostly going to waste.