P10 ....... use an existing earth rod, if so, how

I’ve an earth rod ‘planted’ out in my back garden many years that I used with previous equipment.
It’s terminated inside my audio room with a metal ring, about 2 - 4 cms in diameter.
The actual cable used to connect both ends is in the format of Kimber speaker cable, several strands of individual cable intertwined to reduce RFI, so it would be quite thick, in fact pretty similar to Kimber 8TC.

Would this earth rod be beneficial to use with my P10 and if so how would I connect it safely to the P10?

Be careful adding another ground rod to the AC electrical system. The difference in potential between the one that already exists tied to the panel box and the second one placed in another area can cause an increase in noise as well as introduce stray voltage into the system. More is not always better. It can also open up the possibility of lightning damage.

Plus it’s against the NEC. All grounds are supposed to be tied together: Building steel, ground rods, cold water, ufer, re-bar…if it’s intentionally grounded, it must be interconnected. It’s a logical code item.

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NEC - National Electrical Code doesn’t apply outside the 50 US States, but I agree, all grounds should be tied together so they are all at the same potential. Otherwise, one simply creates a ground loop.

On a related note to all; when is the last time you cleaned/deox the copper cable interface clamped to the ground rod(s)? Good to do if it been more than a year. I like silicone self-sealing tape to ‘seal’ it and help prevent corrosion.

In my jurisdiction, two ground rods of at least 6’ separated by at least 4’ feet is code, tied together of course.

Plug the P10 into the wall socket. No need for solving problems that don’t exist.


Brodric: " Plug the P10 into the wall socket. No need for solving problems that don’t exist."

I LOVE it…but…do tie that extra ground stake to your electrical system’s earth line… I added two 8-foot stakes to my 60-year-old house’s system when I added dedicated lines to my musicroom years ago… That flowerbed gets watered regularly.

Looks like I’ll leave the earth rod out of the system.
Thanks for the advice guys.

If it makes you feel better I tried going that direction as I only have two wire in the old part of my house. @amsco15 did a good job talking me into proper wiring and grounding and specifying what I needed to ask for. In the end I am very happy with the results. Really, really happy.

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