P20 ..... external earthing wire query with P20 screws

Query for someone in PS Audio to answer please?

I’ve a P10 currently and I run an ‘earth wire’ from a screw on the back of the P10 to a screw on the back of my AV Processor., (which has no earth mains connection).
In order to do this right I checked with PS audio that I could remove a screw from the back of the P10, (without anything falling off the inside), to allow me to add 2 small washers to the screw.
When the screw is attached again to the P10 the two washers allows full contact with the earth wire as it easily fits between the two washers .
This provides much better contact than trying to wrap the wire around a screw.

I’ve a P20 coming and I want to ensure I can do the same with it.
Looking at the back of the P20, the black metal panel that houses all the sockets is attached by small screws. I assume these attach the back panel to the chassis of the P20.
So it looks like I could remove one screw and attach my two washers and re-attach the screw without any issues?

With all the sockets the P20 has I may be able to run all my components from the P20 and this may prevent any ground loops and thus I may not need the above ‘tweak’.

But I would like someone from PS Audio to confirm I can remove one screw without any issues, just in case this tweak is still needed.

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If you are selling the P10 let me know. James will probably answer your question soon!

Happy listening, Paul

I’m in the UK.

I’m not sure it would be wise to use an independent “ground” wire between the chassis of some pieces of equipment and the P20 if the equipment is not designed with line/neutral/ground fault power cable. A non-polarized plug can lead to a shock hazard or even damage equipment. Just a fair warning.

Disregard. Your P10 won’t work for me. Enjoy the P20!

there is a screw on the underside of the unit towards the back (one left one right) - i am using this screw on the advice of the PS team to ground the Syn Research passive ground and i can report that is made significant improvement to my p20 / system as i believe others have found with PS gear - i was a bit reluctant at first but presently surprised

Shouldn’t be a problem.

Thanks Paul, great to hear from the man himself.
(I’ll check out the grounding suggestions above.)

Paul already beat me to it, but this should be completely fine. I don’t know a whole lot of folks that need to, but you won’t run into any trouble.