Grounding to the P10

I need to attach a ground wire for a low voltage cable with a small spade connector to a ground point. Does anyone know if there is an available screw or attachment point on the rear of the P10? I could not see one. I saw two screws on either side of the IR jacks and the card reader. They might work if the chassis and case truly were grounded. I presume they are grounded. Does anyone know for sure?


There really isn’t an easy one to get to. We probably should have included one.

I attached a ground wire to the earth of a mains plug and plugged it in to a spare outlet socket on the P10. But if you have no unused outlets…

You can use the center screw on the wall plate the P10 plugs into as a ground attachment. This is equivalent to connecting directly to the ground plug unless you are using an isolated ground receptacle and a true isolated branch feeder with an extra ground conductor routed directly back to the serving panelboard. Lots of isolated receptacles installed in this world but few properly connected with a dedicated, Isolated ground conductor. Also, the triangle identifies an isolated ground outlet, not the color orange.

I forgot to circle back and thank all of you for your replies. My outlet truly is isolated ground, wired with 10/3 back to the panel.

Paul: thank you for your quick response (6 weeeks ago).

I am glad you got it all sorted out.