P10 wierd readings

Today while watching a movie my power went out. After restoring I started looking at the P10’s data. It reads different from what I am used to.
Input distortion = 2.5% and output distortion = 1.9%. This used to be 0.1% or so.
DC Offset = 635VDC. This used to be -20VDC.
If I remeber correctly, the Multi Wave number or Sine showed me a Sine on the scope that matches the MW or Sine. For some reason the Scope displays flat tops and bottoms no matter what MW number I choose or Sine. That doesn’t seem correct either.
The rest of the data like Wattage and Voltage in/out etc is correct. So if my DC Offset is out of order, maybe that explains the output distortion.

Anybody any clou as to what’s going on and maybe some suggestions as to what to do? Not even sure if it is safe to use it this way…


EDIT: Never mind. I just put the P10 in a different outlet and all reading are normal again. Meaning I have to do some investigation on the power input side not related to the P10.


Please let us know what you learn.

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After I switched the P10 Input Power back to its original source, the readings were OK again. My guess is that the readings went wrong due to the power outage and a glitchy reboot after restoring power. I will for sure monitor this during my next uses.
It also turned out that the temperature readings were wrong. They showed 13 and 15 C but after the readings restored, they were 25C. My room isn’t even that cold;)
Very strange and something I will keep an eye on and report back here if I see further anomalies.


Glad to hear it was just temporary issue as years back I had something similar - output THD was almost same as input THD and the waveform looked like not regenerated. In my case it was the P10 regenerator module which died.
Seems your P10 was just in some confused state after the power outage/surge. :+1:

There is still the issue about the power outage on that group that happened twice now. So maybe the P10 starts glitching on me.
I will code a logger that logs all P10 data as well as all other power data to a dbase each 30 seconds when the system is in use so I am able to do some research on the data after the fact.
It can be one of three things. A short or power surge, too much power draw for some time or a faulty group switch.
I already switched the power group switch. None of the three makes sense so this will be an annoying surge. If it happens again, I will take the P10 out of the loop. Since I can’t reproduce it simply, it is going to take time. If I figure it out, I will report back.

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I just used the P10 again and the readings are messed again. I plugged the P10 in a different outlet, but this time dthe readings remained strange.
2.5% THD input and 1.9% output. 635VDC offset and the temperatures read 10 degrees C below what they should be. Still not sure what is going on, but the unit is defect in a certain way. It wouldn’t surprise me if this is the reason why my circuit breaker shut off twice. I took the P10 out of the loop and need to figure out what to do with it. I am in the Netherlands so I need to find a place to get it fixed.

@Maniac, can you give me some more details on what happened to your P10 and what you did to get it fixed as well as a price point?
Was your unit still functional like mine? How did you notice that your P10 was defect? Etc… Thanks!

Contact Guy from Aspera Audio, the certified Benelux PS Audio dealer:


Great Guy who more than once helped me out perfectly!!

. i have noticed it in one morning when came to living room, the P10 display was on (normally it is turned off) and had Orange sockets on display.
Crossing fingers to get it fixed asap

Maybe it’s just WEIRD !

Yep you are right. Thanks for pointing that out