P10 Weird Results

Haven’t played with P10 in a long time. Just looked at scope tonight and getting weird results. My input volts is 121V and output volts is 96ishV! Input THD is 2.7 and output THD is 3.4.

Already tried full reboot etc. It didn’t help. Any ideas what else I might try? Or is this P10 on the fritz? The sad thing is that the warranty expired in late June and who knows how long this has been going on. Any ideas on what repairs run on P10?

An often reported issue: the re-generator is stuffed, and you’re out of warranty…but I reckon PS Audio will still take care of you.

Reach out to the PS Audio whizkid @jamesh

That certainly doesn’t sound right. It could possibly be weird measurements on the output, but our service team will be able to find out for sure. Reach out to them at service@psaudio.com.

James hi,
Today I checked the hot and neutral lines of P10 outputs and there was enough light at check light at both of the lines during standby. (when I turned off by remote). Ground line did not have any light. After turning on the p10 check light was only at hot line. It did not seem normal to me. Is there any explanation of it.

What is a check light?

My guess is that it’s this. I use one to test outlets.


I mean voltage tester light

It’s still not clear to me what connection you are trying to make between the lights on the tester and the behavior of the P10.

It’s not going to work the same as that tester is designed because there is an active amplifier of the hot side and when the P10 is off it will confuse one of those cheap little testers.

You will need different equipment than a standard AC tester. It sounds like the P10 is working fine.

Thanks a lot. I was really wondering about it.