P10's best sounding firmware!

@wijnand which power & preamp are you using? i would compare their specs (filtration capacity, power transformer…) to mine and maybe we will spot something suspicious :slight_smile:

but there are also lot of other possible explanations, like it was mentioned personal taste, or power lines, or who knows what else…

Wow! That could be interesting.

I use a Classe CA2300 poweramp and a CP700 Pre-amp.

About the other aspects like personal taste, powerlines etc.

If I understand the personal taste of most of us. We like deep and strong low frequencies.

So we probably have the same taste for this.

But it seems that everybody reaches the best with the 38 and for me it is the 32.

Powerlines could have influence on the hardware, but on the software?

It would be great if you could find something suspicious.

Thanks in advance!

@wijnand now just to find someone who can have educated look into the power supply specs of my Electrocompaniet AW400, or David’s amp and compare it to your Classe CA2300 :slight_smile:

See this thread here:


Darqueknight, the OP, found version 37 provided the best measured results and audible experience for him.


Greg in Mississippi