P12 error message after power flicker

Hi everyone!

This afternoon my home had a brief power flicker – enough that some, but not all, electronics restarted – as I walked around the house turning things back on I noticed that my audio equipment rack was dark except for the P12. The P12’s Home Screen showed all the wall outlet icons in red and the top banner read “Output voltage too high”. I could not find this error message in the manual, so out of an abundance of caution I powered off the P12 and unplugged it from the wall outlet.

I intend to contact PS Audio support tomorrow, but in the meantime I am curious whether anyone else has had a similar experience?


Unplug the stuff from the back and reboot the P12?

I’ll wager it will come back up fine.


Protection mode?
+1 on @scotte1


I’ve had that happen a couple of times with my P10 and as others have suggested, after a power cycle, everything powered up fine. I figured that meant the P10’s protection was working.

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You might have to reset the P!2. That requires holding the blue button in while turning the power back on on the rear panel.
It is also possible that just pushing the blue button or cycling power with the remote will being it back to life.
The Power Plants are really good at protecting the downstream devices.

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Spoke with PS Audio support and they gave the same instructions. Now everything is up and running again.

Thanks everyone for weighing in!


Great to hear; and I can appreciate your caution.


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