P12 no power from outlets

I woke up yesterday to system completely shut down. Turns out the P12 had no power at all outlets. Attempted restarting with the main power switch(and yes, pushed the front PS button) and leaving unplugged for 45 minutes. No luck. The strange thing is the unit starts up as you can hear the fan come on and a relay click. Sounds like all is well, but no light on the PS logo, no screen and no power from outlets. Already contacted the amazing PS Audio support and the unit is headed back to Boulder for service. Just curious if anyone else has experienced this or any idea to what happened?

Thanks all!

You may want to try the reset button on the back of your P12 it is right next to the fuse holder…that might could do it …if not call PS Audiio support for sure they will help!

Yes, attempted that before I called support. No luck.

My friend I didnt read well enough what you had already done…appologies my bad…

It is good that your unit is heading back for service…

Fortunately no I have no issues with my former P5 and now P12…thank God!!

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My P12 went back last year because the unit was not properly regulating voltage. It was clicking too. Sent it in for repair. They returned it with a diagnosis of a loose cable. Customer Service was excellent as always. No problems since.

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Just received my P12 back from service. It is doing the EXACT same thing! Mad and frustrated.

Where do I go from here…

You should contact PS Audio and see if they can troubleshoot it over the phone. If not, request a shipping call tag and return it for repair or replacement. I would ask for a new unit. They’ll make it right.

Can you contact me directly and I’ll get you some answers as to what they found and what they did. It might be something simple. Let’s get you up and running. Shouldn’t be so hard. paul@psaudio.com


Thank you Paul. Email sent.