P12 Fan keeps running

I just upgraded from p5 to p12 and everything sounds better, except that the p12 has a fan sound that the p5 doesn’t have, it doesn’t stop like the p5 after it’s turned on, I keep the ventilation on the top and bottom (reserved 5cm on the top, and the bottom is 3.5cm, and p12 is not hot) can I make him stop? Or is he normal?
All devices use about 150w

I have an old post on it.

The fans do come on right when you flip the P12 on. I believe the switch off after about 30 seconds of being on. There’s a thermostat in the P12 which turns it on when it hits a certain temp. Is it possible the unit is always staying warm? Might be worth unplugging everything and check if it turns off then.

Okay, when I turn off the socket, the fan does not rotate, I think it may be caused by my rear stage?

My rear stage is LUXMAN L-509, any suggestions on how to improve it?

Maybe check the Powerplay will get more info.

Here are two Powerplay weekly capture from my P12.

  1. Around summer time, with my gear on, fan on my P12 is always on ( never stop).

  2. This week, fan on my P12 is always off, even with my gear on.

Just a thought, you may want to check the P12 air flow (inlet and outlet) when the fans are running. Possibly they are not providing the intended heat removal.

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How much airspace do you have below and above your P12?

You may need a bit more breathing room for air to circulate
up through your P12…

Best wishes

In my case, the clearance to the top is 4inch. Front and back are open.
During the summer time, when there is load and internal temperature from Powerplay exceed about 42/43F, one fan on, running in slow rpm. Never notice the fan noise through.

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Can you move the P12 temporarily to a spot where it will have unlimited breathing space above and around it?

Hey Terrence…

The above the P12 space is good…how about
underneath it…as that is where the cooling air
would be drawn up from…that one may need
more space…

Best wishes

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Well, thank you for your replies. But I’ve already sold my P12 that I bought less than half a month ago because of the system adjustment, maybe next time I’ll choose a model above P15 :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hmmm that must mean a P20 is in your sights :grin:

Hope you have a strong back…as for me had to prethink
my pathway from doorway to my P15’s current location…
a lot of slip n slide with a few breaks in between resting my
back untill P15 was in place…P20 is much heavier…

Well worth the effort!!

Do keep us updated …
Best wishes in your journey

Hello Davida,
My P12, underneath just the typical footings on P12 (0.5 inch) Maybe I should try to lift it up to have more spacing beneath to check if this will help the cooling during the summertime.
Thanks for advice.

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Hey Terrence…

While it would seem that 1/2" below the P12 would be
sufficient space for air to be drawn in to P12…

Perhaps another 1/4" - 1/2" could make the difference.
I had a P12 (it was wonderful!!) mine however had a large
space under it and above it maybe 8" or so (can’t rightly recall).

Seldom would I hear the fans kick in…

Hopefully you will find the solution for your P12…

Best wishes

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I wonder if the temp sensor or thermostat has gone out of calibration?
Mine is on the bottom shelf of the rack with a BHK preamp sitting on some isolators on top of the P12. Mine runs at about 180 watts output and 45 degrees C. If the fan ever runs I dont hear it or notice.