P12 making a strange noise

Hi All,

I have a new P12 that is making a strange noise. I don’t believe it is the fan because the fan makes a different sound when the P12 is first powered on. I have a BHK Preamp, DS Dac, Stellar Phono Preamp, BHK 250, and two REL T/5i subs connected to it. I play my music at a low level. The watts have never gone over 350.

I have powered off everything connected to it and powered off the P12. When I power it back on the actual fan turns on for a few seconds and then the P12 is silent for about 5 to 10 minutes. Then the noise begins again.

Has anyone ever encountered this noise before? I have contacted tech support and sent this video clip to him. Just wondering if there are others out there that had this issue and what was the end result.



Just as a data point, my P12 is silent. With everything fired up, i pull about 200w from the P12 (average use, 100w)

That’s what I thought. I was constantly reading others comments about how their Regenerator was quiet unless the fan kicked on. There must be a problem with this one.

My P12’s fan spins a little at first power-up; than it’s dead quite, draws 200 watts max., with everything powered-on.
There may be something wrong with yours. Get in touch with tech. support.

Update: The PS Audio team replaced my P12 and the new one is dead silent. I’m in heavenly bliss! Thank you Mark (tech support) and @jamesh ! @Paul - You have a great team. But of course you already know that. Outstanding customer service is what drives repeat business and recommendations. Many companies are slow to recognize this. Please continue building great products and hiring great people.

Signed…a customer for life!


What was the noise? Fan issue? Another 5 star customer service award. Good job guys!

Great to hear Trav! Thanks for keeping us posted! I’ll give Mark a digital pat on the back in our next video meeting.

Not sure. It is on its way back to them to investigate. Most likely a fan issue. The noise was being produced all day and night, even with nothing plugged into it.

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Hi there,

I have similar noise faced by TravWil. The noise is there even when nothing is powered on. I can hear it even with the P12 unit is powered off via the " blue wave" button.

Any solution?

Thank you.

Does it sound like it could be a noisy fan? Pressing the logo button won’t turn the fan off. The only way to get the fan to turn off is to completely kill the power with the rear switch, or for the internal temperature to be cool enough. A great test would be to unplug everything, leave it turned off for an hour or two, and then switch it on. The fans should turn on for about a minute, and then they’ll shut off. If the noise goes away with the fans then we know it’s a noisy fan.

Hi Jamesh,

The fan makes a higher frequency noise while its on. The unit will hum without the fan being on. Is there any fix to it? Sorry for the late reply, forgot to come back to this forum.

Thanks Jamesh.

Replacing the fans and having the local distributor take a look at it may be the best option. Though I can hear the fans when my head it right above the P12, from a couple feet away, it’s virtually dead silent.

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Hi James,
I took some videos and uploaded to YouTube.
Could I get your email or should I email support directly? I don’t think I could find much help locally.

Thank you James.

James can be reached at jamesh@psaudio.com.

Hi Elk,

Thanks a lot.

Take care over there.

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