P12 - making my system a bit edgy / thin?

Hello everyone

I just bought a p12. I currently have my BHK250, BHK pre, DSD and Mac Mini (roon / HQPlayer) plugged into it.

Since plugging it in I’ve noticed some real benefits to the sound stage but I’ve found its had an effect on my system where its sounding a little edgy / thin compared to what it was like before I plugged in the p12. I have tried playing around with all the p12 features but none make an impact on this issue.

I have read some people are running their power amps in the wall rather than the power plant. Thinking maybe I will try that too to see if it makes a difference. Also thinking the p12 needs some time to burn in maybe.

Kinda pointing out an issue to generate some discussion. Anyone got any views on this or had a similar experience?


How many hrs do you have on the P12? I don’t personally own one, but like all audio gear, they need to be burned in, sometimes hundred’s of hrs.

Not many… Maybe 20hrs. I acknowledge this might be a factor but I wasn’t expecting this much of a change.

I’d remove the computer from it and try turning multiwave up to 6. Also move your best power cable to the P12 input power outlet.

The P12 will round out the power signal, so you may be getting the full effect of your system now. If it’s still edgy, try putting your preamp and/or power amp direct to wall.

If you have silver in your cables, try copper.


Is your whole audio chain on one power line? I mean including mac mini - i would try to put everything on one line to see if anything changes…

Another thing to test is to disconnect P12 from ethernet to see if it makes any SQ difference in your case.

Also it might be worth to try to clean/replace fuse in P12.

Once i connected my AW400 monoblocks via P10, the bass got more controlled and with engaging MultiWave on P10 makes the bass to go even deeper. Those amps are taking 100W each , preamp with DAC another 150W, so overall the P10 have lot of reserve.


Thanks everyone.

I removed the Mac & put my best cable between the wall and the p10. Also put my rel t9i sub in the p10. Didn’t do this originally because I was worried about headroom but I’m still pulling less than 300w.

Seems to be sounding a little less harsh which is good. Problem is I made a few changes so not sure what did it! :wink:

Also, in response to the Ethernet question, I haven’t been running Ethernet into the p10. I don’t see the point.


My P12 was a little edgy (good description) for the first 2-3 days. After that it settled down and has been superb since. I can’t imagine not having a PowerPlant in my system.

PS. I run my Sony TV from the P12 also and the PQ improvement was substantial immediately.


How long have you been running your BHK gear?
These may still need run - burn time themselves and perhaps not a P12

I have Focal Aria 948 speakers are very sensitive and have
realized with these that burn in is very crucial or the Arias will
show off the discrepancy…

May need to burn in a while longer…try this …with all your sources
and amps turned on and not playing anything press clean wave
twice to get a full 60 sec clean wave result on the the power transformers…doing this improves my sound quality …attacks decays transients and delicate nuances…

Best wishes hope this helps

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Burn in. Power Plants sound edgy at first and need a few weeks of burn in. Keep your amp connected and it’ll get better over time. Before you know it you won’t want to take it off.


Paul clears this up well…

It has been mentioned upgrading fuses…wait until your P12 is
well burned in before purchasing and upgrading the P12 fuse.

You should first get to know the sound quality of the P12 well prior
to upgrading the fuse…The issue is that fuses particularly the SR
blue and or orange fuses take over 200 even 300 hours to burn in…

I have experienced this …they go from sounding good to yuck
repeatedly during the burn in time…By not waiting for P12 to
settle in first…you may not figure out why edgy thin sounding
linger on…so 1 step at a time…goodly rewards are waiting there for you.

Best wishes…happy trails


Did anyone suggest running the clean wave feature?

Sounds like you’re already playing around with different power cables. Don’t ignore the one between the wall and the P12. Still incredibly important!


Yep I sure did on earlier post