P12 shutdown

I read in an earlier post that LG OLED caused the P12 to shut down. MyTV volume had been on 100%. I turned it down but the P12 shut down and I assume a fuse is out. I ordered fuses from Amazon. I think I’ll use a different recepticle for the LG.

Interesting. I would imagine the power draw of the LG OLED would depend on the size. In stand-by mode, the set probably draws less than 5 watts a year. In actual operation, a 55" LG OLED probably draws 60-90 watts. A 65" would consume slightly more. At a continuous 1250W, I would think that there would need to be some other components in the chain to cause a P12 to trip.

Just say’n

**Oppo 205, PSA DS DAC, Musical Fidelity M8 500, Odyssey Stratos, NAD 3020, UltraRendu(Sbooster) USB/X Matrix SPDIF(Sbooster) Mackie HR 824, and Lyngdorf MP60 were also connected.

That’s quite a load. The Music Fidelity M8’s alone are probably consuming 150 watts at idle. The Stratos another ±35 watts at idle, P12 ± 30 watts, the Oppo maybe another ± 65 watts. If all of that gear is powered up at the same time, during peak music passages and depending on how loud you listen to music, you may be exceeding the P12’s output at times. Then again your P12 may not like your LG OLED :grin:

Yea, When I first composed this, a similar post said that the LG OLED was the culprit. I have a pack of 6 fuses coming from
Amazon tomorrow. No wonder Radio Shack went out of business.

Hard to imagine that happening. I have a 55 inch LG OLED and a PS Audio P3.
All of my electronics, Audio Note Meishu integrated, Magnum Dynalab MD102, Audio Note CD player and Nottingham Studios TT are plugged into the P3. The P3 is plugged into a dedicated 20 amp circuit.
My LG has it’s own dedicated circuit as well.

The 100% vol of the TV stirred up the 500 W per channel Musical Fidelity amps.

I got the new fuses but nothing changed. When the power starts an initiating screen briefly comes on then turns off. After about 5 seconds it shuts down. I also tried the reset button while it was on - a click and shut down. I sent a message to support.

My P10 shut down at high load. No fuse busted. 9 channels of high volume amp and a processor runnning at once with some other things in standby. It was Dune and it was very loud. lowered vol 10 clicks and it was still loud and did not pop.

Sounds like a trip back to Boulder. Support will get you fixed up. But it does suck! Been there a few times with my P12!

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Thanks for the support. I installed a new 10ga 120V line myself before I got the P12 so I have good power while I wait.

Are you still getting same shut down with nothing plugged in? Hitting the standby button doesn’t wake it back up?

I discovered that after I turn on the rear rocker switch and the display shuts down I can bring it back by pressing the front on button. I thought it was back to normal and I plugged several things back in and all appeared ok. But, after about 20 minutes it shut down. I’m not sure what I should try next: restore defaults, cleanwave or firmware update?

What load percentage are you at when you have everything plugged in?

About 200 Watts

That ain’t much. It’s not getting particularly hot either is it? It has both thermal protection along with its over current protection.

It has stayed on for over an hour now. I just did a firmware update on the sd card and turned it back onl. Thank you so much for helping.

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I hope this does it and you have no further issues.

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Fingers crossed it stays that way!!

I discovered what shuts it down. I have a AV processor: Lyngdorf MP60 2.1 and I have Apple TV. Apple defaults to TV speakers. When I set MP60 temporary sound output in the Apple menu the vol must be pushed up. At the same time the LG TV vol goes up with it. Somehow, when two separate sources are combining that change, the P12 does not like it and shuts down. The P12 will turn right back on with the front power button.

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