P12 Power Plant = Wow

I hooked up my new P12 yesterday and listened to my two-channel set up for a while, it was an instant improvement, pleased so far and I know that it will only get better over time.

A couple of hours later, my wife gives out a loud 'Wow!" from the same room after the TV was turned on with the AppleTV 4K. Both are hooked up to the same P12, and the difference in 4K PQ is stunning (for my wife to notice it has to be extreme). She was talking about it all night and even called my daughter over to see it.

Excellent job PS Audio - I’ve had this TV for 3-4 years, and it’s never looked anywhere near as good as this.


Congrats! Good to hear you are also getting the improvements in video, as I have with my P12 and a 10 year old 1K plasma TV.

When I originally installed my P12, I did not use any isolation - just set it on the bottom shelf of a fairly solid home built wood shelving unit (2 layers of 3/4 inch baltic birch). Hence the P12 was on the factory rubber feet. After a few days I started to be dissatisfied with the sound, so I tweaked all sorts of aspects of my system and finally realized I should isolate the P12. I installed some extra VibraPods, and the improvement was huge and instant. I’m now experimenting with some Herbie’s Tenderfeet.

I thought I should mention isolation “just in case” you’ve not got to that step. By the way, it was a post by @Elk that spurred me to act. I have to thank him!

That’s very interesting, thanks for the tip. I have some Vibrapods but didn’t think of using them on the P12.

Did you remove the factory feet?

Thanks! That’s excellent to hear. One of the biggest improvements is adding a Power Plant to the system yet it seems one of the hardest to get people to understand. Thanks for sharing.

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No, I didn’t remove the factory feet. Before I tried the Herbie’s Tenderfeet last week, I took the P12, DS DAC, and Moon 600i V2 integ amp off Vibrapods and listened for a short while with all units on their factory feet. The sound quality loss was so significant I wasted no time installing the Tenderfeet under all 3 units. So far the Tenderfeet “sound” very similar to the Vibrapods but I’ve too busy to do any critical listening. By the way, I use the Vibrapod cones on top of the pods, so unfortunately the cones allow the chassis to slide too easily.