P12 powering LG OLED TV

I have always thought that the LG 4k OLED TV looked smoother when powered by
the P12, but never thought about actually trying to take photos of the screen, until recently.
The photos with the word “corner” are the actual photos, showing the aperture and shutter speed being exactly the same for both with/without being powered by a P12.
The photos with the word “close-up” are screen captures after zooming in as far as I can zoom.


Wow! That’s quite an improvement. I have my Samsung 4K powered by a P10 and it definitely helped.


I am using a P12 on my LG OLED panel too with similar improvements to the picture. I am also running the modem, router, cable box, AVR, and BD player off the P12.
One of my things on the list is to get rid of the SMPS bricks and move to some cheap (~$100) LPS’s on the pieces that have them to see if it helps.


Thanks for showing these. My P12 power noticeably improved the picture quality from my 10 year old Panasonic plasma TV, enough that I delayed replacing it for 2.5 more years. The incoming THD was about 5% at the time, now it’s generally over 6% (more people working from home?)

I also noticed that my AVID Diva II turntable no longer had an obvious waver on piano and other sustained notes.

Of course the P12 improved the sound quality of my audio system, but I don’t worry about needing measurements to be sure. Initially it was powered with a 14 gauge dedicated circuit and recently I installed a new 10 gauge circuit with a 20 amp breaker. That improved the voltage into the P12 (reduced the low voltage dips confirmed with the Power Play data from the PS Audio web site) and I felt that the music gained new dynamics and contrasts. Also, recently I bought a REL subwoofer and after it was broken it and I’d optimized the setup, I finally plugged it into the P12. Wow, such tight and detailed bass, and remarkable improvements in most instruments and vocals! Dynamic music with deep bass needs steady voltage and reasonably unrestricted current so that’s why Power Plants and all the other accessories like better power cables, outlets, fuses, etc can be worth the extra cost.

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I’m still running my Pioneer plasma (with a power conditioner). I don’t want it to die :slight_smile:


There’s something really special about the Pioneer plasmas! Still have one running too, but as a second set. The picture just seems right. The newer OLED that I have is great, I like the bigger screen and 4K etc, but it doesn’t beat the Kuro on HD material.

And yes, power cables and conditioning made a nice difference to both too!

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Panny Viera, still going strong here as well.


We finally replaced our plasma after 10 years with a Sony A90J. The same P10 powered the Kuro and now the A90J. The picture without any doubt is better with the P10.

The only reason we moved on from plasma was the heat. The temperature difference in the living room has easily dropped a few degrees.

After a bunch of going back and forth to finally buy an OLED, I am glad we did. The difference is as dramatic as when we went from a Sony XBR CRT to Plasma. Especially when streaming Sony’s Bravia Core at 80 Mbps. Aside from 4K Blu-Ray it’s the best video I have ever seen on a home based system.

I hope the next TV ten years from now is as dramatic an improvement.


I have a Sony Bravia I paid a lot for 12 years ago still going strong. I’ve used it with PPP, P5 and P10 and the picture is great with all three, about the same vivid improvements, and I am using it the last three years with the PPP. Power cords really help, I’ve almost always used an AC-12.


Wait, dont let Amir and his ASR followers see this. They will say its false. Guess is measurements could not show this. That is quite an improvement.


I also have a Sony Bravia of this vintage. The picture is better when the TV is powered by a Power Plant, currently a P5.

I am not a video person, so if I notice and care the improvement needs to be significant.

Edit: I am certain the improvements can be measured in some way. But what we need to remember is observation comes first. We experience something and only then try to explain/measure it. If you see no difference there is no reason to go any further,


Ah, yes, heat is one of the areas the Kuro is definitely not better than the Sony OLEDs - unless it’s winter :grinning:

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My 09 Pioneer elite is still an amazing set.

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Wow. This was really interesting. I too have seen the same thing but never took the time to do this much detail work. Nicely done.

Of course, we don’t have “measurements” available and of course, regulating and cleaning the power “can’t” matter because….well……

Thanks for posting.

Someone else posted this https://www.youtube.com/embed/RlCG2fK-abo from John Darko. It’s the opening that’s great.

Go John!!


Thats a great opening…lol Some will never get it.


I have an LG 4K OLED C8 that I originally plugged into my P12, but recently noticed a lot of noise on the P12’s graph. I unplug the LG and the P12 graph returns to normal. I read that some LG OLEDs had an issue with their power supply, so I thought maybe that was the problem. I now plug the LG into the wall outlet. It hasn’t stopped working yet and shows no problems on the screen.

Interesting, the C8 backfeeding something? I have a C8 but its 2 floors away from my P10 or else I would try it.

I can make you a shielded power cord that will go two floors. But it will cost you $25K. Any interest?


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Only if ASR measures and approves it. But I think I could buy another TV used and find out the same answer for cheaper.


That is such a funny answer! Well done!!!