P12 regenerator failure?

Was on holiday last week and my PS12 shutdown - this is the first time that has happened since ownership started in 2019. Anyway, turned it back on and it started ok and all my gear switched on. But I noticed that the sinewave graphs looked identical, with truncated peaks, and the difference graph was a flatline. Was it regenerating power??? Left it on to collect some Powerplay data and this is the voltage chart:

Definitely not regenerating :frowning:

Anything I can look at myself or is this a repair request?

Sorry to see this. I would turn it off for a few minutes, remove all devices, turn back on and observe. I would recommend cancelling any multi-wave setting, then connect the devices and do a 60 second clean! Let us know how it goes!

Thank you for the suggestion. Tried the steps you describe but the same result - no regeneration.

Watching the displays just after power on it went through the “regenerator initializing” phase ok, but, subsequently, the in/out sine waves remain identical and the difference graph a flat line.

The only interesting thing was that in/out voltage started around 236V and gradually drifted down to 231V where is settled.

Did the cleanwave for 60s, but again no difference to the graphs.

Sound quality remains good, but is definitely missing a little magic that I’m used to.

I guess this needs to go in for a repair.

After a few days off, it takes a while for the whole system and the P15 to get the magic back. The most important things are:
Your outgoing voltage should be between 229V & 231V and outgoing THD should be around 0.1

THD out now follows THD in at around 1.8% instead of previoulsy 0.1%

And agreed re: warm up time. I listened yesterday after first switching on and didn’t enjoy the sound at all. This morning it’s a lot better, but still off what I know is possible.

This is not good!
One last thing to try before you ship it back to the dealers: Factory reset.
Good luck!

Thank you again. And how do I achieve that? :slight_smile:

I have a P15 so it could be a tad different, but James from PS Audio is quite helpful and can come to the rescue.

Hi @jamesh

Could you kindly give some advice here? Thank you.


Yes, that’s not a good sign. If the input and output voltage appears to be the same, that usually means the regenerator itself has failed. Get in touch with your dealer/distro. They will be able to get it fixed up for you. In my history, this is not a code issue. It is most likely a hardware issue.


Thank you for the info and for your support James!

Thanks, James. Will get in touch with the dealer here.

Great, thanks for the patience and let’s hope for a speedy repair!!

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