Non functioning P15

I just received my PS Audio P15 regenerator. Lugged it up two flights of stairs with the help of my life. We’re both in our 70s. Plugged the unit in turned on the power switch and it just continued to initialize for 15 minutes. Called PS audio and was told to return it that it is a defective unit. The shipping packaging was perfect. A very disappointed customer and question quality control for a new defective unit at this price. I am not sure what procedures are in place at PS Audio to be sure the unit is functioning perfectly before being sent out


A frustrating experience, certainly.

Unfortunately it happens with all companues and all products. But even if rare, if it happens to you it is a major bother.

Good to hear PSA is taking care of you.

Please let us know what you think once you get the replacement unit.

I understand that these are rare events, but this is the second time I have received a defective product from PS audio. I ordered a BHK pre-amplifier that turned out to be a defective unit that had been returned by a customer. They apologized and did send me out a replacement unit which has worked fine. I was debating whether to take a refund rather than a replacement, but I decided to try the replacement and if not happy with it improving my system I can return it in 30 days.

This is double frustrating. :frowning:

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Man, that sucks. I am so sorry. They run through a pretty extensive testing procedure so I am a bit baffled. I will look into this. Again, my apologies.


Paul, I look forward to hearing from you after you look into the problem that happened with my unit.

I received my replacement P 15 regenerator for the defective unit that was returned. The replacement unit has the exact same problem. It fails to initialize. I initially waited close to 30 minutes and it would not initialize. All the sockets remained red, and failed to turn green on the home screen.I shut off the power switch and disconnected the power and then tried to restart it again. It failed to initialize after another 30 minutes. Clearly another nonworking unit. I know there are many people on the forum happy with their regenerators but two nonworking units in a row is enough for me.

As you don’t seem to be the only one when I remember some stories in this forum, this sounds as if PSA has to work either on their quality control, the reliability of their circuits or on the resistance of equipment against normal shipping challenges.

@Jazznut47, I’m not sure you want to try this, but it has been known in unusual shipping circumstances that a particular cable inside the unit can “shake loose”. If you feel like pulling the top cover, it may be worth a look. Take all the usual precautions if you do - unplug the unit, wait some time for any storage devices to discharge…

The cable that comes loose, was mentioned by someone else, but his unit would not power up at all. My unit powers up it just doesn’t get past initializing, I felt the packaging of both units was first rate with both packages being in perfect condition.

I’m not asking for a third replacement. Two units not functioning is enough for me. And I agree with you. I would not attempt to take off the top cover. I don’t think it’s up to me to troubleshoot the problem by opening the top cover and you’re right it is a manufacturers problem not mine.

No, not with a PS Audio product. Opening the lid is no problem.

Download the latest firmware for it and see if it will load it on a power up. Worth a try.

Don’t think that would fix the problem. I’m assuming the new unit was shipped with the latest firmware. PS Audio informed me that the replacement unit underwent a “red folder“ which verified that it was functioning normally before being shipped.
James phoned me and let me know that he will inspect the first unit that I returned and let me know what they find. PS Audio was accommodating with a replacement unit which unfortunately had the same problem.
I was excited about moving up to a P15 from a Power Plant Premier which served me well for many years. Most likely, I will go in a different direction.

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It may help to try to reload the firmware as it may be corrupted. Sorry you had this peoblem. You will be missing out as the P 15 did so much when I installed it in my system.

Nothing here which indicates opening the unit voids the warranty as you claim.

More importantly, as Paul has stated many times, PS Audio will repair any unit under warrenty as long as you have not damaged it.


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But the manual does say:


This is not a Heathkit or DIY item.

Hey, sometimes the 30 day trial doesn’t work out for what ever reason. Jazznut47 gave it a couple shots. Time to move on.

Nothing improper about opening the lid as you claim.

And, again, we know PS Audio will fix any of their products unless you have damaged it - no matter how many times you erroneously claim otherwise.

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Yes, very few of us are qualified to do anything other than to look for a loose cable or board.

In any event, the buyer is not required to do anything other than send it back. Determing what is wrong is PS Audio’s responsibility.

I am mystified as to why a single buyer has had this number of problems. The only hypothesis I have is dreadful shipping where the packages are mishandled.

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I also can’t imagine (at least, when shipping out a second unit) PSA doesn’t do severe quality control. The number of examples in the forum I remember, where Power Plants, CD transports or power amps were DOA or faulty on the first and sometimes second shipment, however leave the impression that there’s something to analyze for internal measures rather than just problems of the shipping provider. But everyone can get one’s own impression when using some google syntax with various logic combinations of words like doa, defective, shipment, second

By the way, logical operators for searches in the forum here would be a nice addition of functionality!