How precise should I expect my P12 to regulate power?

I got a P12 a few weeks ago and love it - definitely an improvement in my sound, and much beter THD numbers. My question is what precision of the output voltage I should expect. Per the picture below, my voltage out is 121.6, which is close to voltage in (122.1). My setting is 120. The input varies a little on different days, and then the output varies with it with a few volts margin. Just not sure what I should expect, should the output be exactly 120? Is some fluctuation as designed? What do others see?


Did you read the manual on the settings options?

Yes and did some troubleshooting with the service team, unit is back for repair, something not totally right. Still sounded great but shutting down and not regulating properly. Still a big fan, can’t wait for it to come back.