P12 vs P15


Congratulations on the new P12! I am loving mine and I’m still within break-in period!

I leave all my outlets on all the time. I just power off the screen and the power button. I haven’t noticed much increase in my power bill. I think this is really the only way to do it, because I want to keep my other components luke-warm in their stand-by modes. Have a DirectStream Junior, Esoteric K-05 sacd, VPI Classic 4, Luxman L-590AXII integrated, Xbox one-s, direct tv receiver, harmony hub, and Amazon echo dot all connected to the P12. It handles them all with ease!


I should have the P-12 fairly soon. I’m in the production queue, ordered direct from PS Audio in mid-August. Have a brand new AC-5 cord ordered to go with it.


Hi, I am new here.
From some source such as Tone Publishing, Jeff said all three would sound the same form P12 to P20. But here big boss Paul stressed that
P20 is always better no matter the load due to lower impedance.
As I was about to pick one P12, when I read Paul said that about P20,
Then I stopped to think again. Dealer allow me time until end of this week before The special offer become invalid.
I will connect OPPO 203 UHD Player, Marantz AV8805 processor and JVC RS640 projector to it. Do I really need P20 for that ? I Hope Paul will reply that P12 is good enough for my application.
And should I separate JVC projector to other passive conditioner I am currently use In order to allow P12 the serve PrePro and player in the very best way ?




It depends on the load. The output impedance acts like a foundation for the system that is on top of it. Equipment listed in the question will not even stress P3, but P3 may have output impedance higher than P20 at the same load multiple times. It is also frequency dependent. I think it is best to listen to both and see which device sounds better to your ears.
Low impedance doesn’t always mean “better”, it depends. In tube amps, for example, often power supplies sometimes are purposely made to be of higher impedance (using tube rectifiers for example) to “sag” amplification devices to give smoother and calmer sound representation.

Even though these power devices have a lot of individually controlled power outlets, they are, however, what appears, not individually regenerated or isolated. Polluting and/or loading one outlet will effect all others. I think, projector, could be one of those devices.

Power supply quality is fundamental to how equipment will sound. The quality of sound is subjective.


Hi, in case I should isolate projector to other power conditioner, then the remaining load will be around 100 watt. I should stop thinking about P20 which such load. I think P20 is way over the top. But I have an idea. I may replace my Accuphase PS520 which feeds 2 ch system with P20, and move PS520 (500VA) to use with Marantz AV8805 and OPPO 203. with JVC projector to plugged into Running Spring Audio Maxim line conditioner that I already have. Otherwise, I just save a lot of $ and go get P12 as planned.


Hi Toga,

What did you end up getting? I have a P12. It is more than enough and I have a 350W load when everything is one and blasting. I imagine a P20 would be overkill. And even if the lowered impedance will squeeze out a little extra goodness, I think the extra money might be better spent somewhere else. The extra $5k can go towards vibration control products to put under your equipment, better cables, or dare I say a vacation!



I decided on P15 mainly because I wanted to avoid cooling fans that P12 has. And I might connect big projector to this PowerPlant too. P20 cost too
Much for me, so P15 is half way.

Pity that until now, still waiting for delivery. Have ordered it since October.




I currently have have a BHK Preamp, Directstream DAC and a P12, if I add a BHK 250 do you believe that the P12 can handle the load?



Shouldn’t be a problem. BHK300 monos into a P12 would make me a little nervous, but BHK250, Pre, and DSD would be no problem at all.


James, Tks for the clarification!