P12 Went Black

Watching a movie and all of a sudden everything attached to my P12 went black. Processor, 5 channel amp (AB), M1200 and 4K player. TV is connected to high current outlet. This has NEVER happened before. I have had something ‘trip’…equipment goes dead but P12 shows yellow or red instead of green. That I get. But this?

My meter hovers around 250 rarely jumps more than 450. RARELY! I think not ever.

Tried cycling back switch. Did nothing. Tried pressing circuit breaker. Nothing. Lose. Moved my TV stand to check the actual fuse and just poped right back on. Powered up normal, replayed the exact scene exact volume no issue.


Pull the plug for 45 minutes. Hopefully it will reset. Check fuse. If no luck, call customer service in the morning and they will get you fixed up!

I know it sucks!

Good luck!


It worked fine within a minute, my question is can anyone say WHY the screen and unit went dead then instantly back. What is that a sign of…

The following are potential triggers:

  • Voltage surge
  • Power leak
  • Sudden load

I have P15. I normally use about 200W of power (little load for this device). However, when I start the P15, trying to start BHK pre immediately triggers regenerator shut down. Waiting for a minute to turn it on works smoothly. My guess is that it’s the capacitors of the P15 and devices connected to it are drawing huge current at startup.

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I agree with Serhan. Based on the fact that it totally went black, it likely was some kind of surge or under/over voltage situation. These are quite rare but can happen. With it back up and running, I wouldn’t worry about it happening again.