P20 Says "Short Circuit" and displays orange instead of green


I’ve had my P20 for little over a year and I have been very pleased with it. Today I noticed this problem. All equipment was down. My question is: Is this what happens when there is a surge? It did storm today. I shut it down with the rear switch and rebooted. All equipment came on and the P20 appeared to behave normally. THD 2% to 0.1%. Sound seemed ok but not as good as when equipment is warmed up. What do you guys think?

Related question; the white circuit breaker in the back of the P20 near the IEC connector has been popping “out” recently after the addition of a Class D amplifier which was powered on 24/7. What might be the reasons why the circuit breaker tripped, as opposed to the slow-blo fuse (in the IEC connector itself) burning?

The P3 does something similar with flashing lights and yes you have to turn the back switch off and back on to reset it.

It seems that you often have to power cycle a lot of PSA gear. At least it protects itself! i would rather that than dead any day!

Exact same thing happened to my P12 some time ago. Checked with PSA support at that time. I was told my P12 might just do what it supposed to do that it detectEd something wrong and shutoff powers. I main power cycled it. My P12 has since work normally for several months.

FYI. Here is Paul’s reply Regarding the “short circuit”