P15 freeze

I didn’t think about it until seeing the new P20 freeze post, but my P15 froze two days ago. I keep the P15 on and the screen dim all the time, and turn off all the other components when not in use except a pair of ATC active speakers and a PowerBase. I came home to find the meters showing on the P15’s screen. My first thought was that there had been a power outage, but there was no evidence of that. Then I thought of the remote, but got no response from the P15 section (older combined remote), although the remote’s dac On button worked. Nothing I could think of would make the P15 budge, until I restarted it manually from the back switch. I received the unit May 29 and it’s been on virtually nonstop since then. I’m leaving at the end of the week for a couple of months, but if there’s something to check before then, I can.

Hey, chiming in from Norway here, first I must say that the P15 has been a fundamentally joyful experience :slightly_smiling_face:; elegant functionality! Together with the DMP/DS combo I bought earlier this year, the sound has never been so lifelike.

I started using my new P15 last week. I first ran the phase detection function (changed to -4), and then I changed to multiwave due to less hum in one amplifier. With a 7.1 Pioneer receiver used as pre and 4 amplifiers + a plasma screen + a subwoofer, during the first movie, the P15 screen got garbled with vertically drawn arbitrarily shaped spots of misplaced graphic with may be 75% of the original screen content showing. After a reboot (rear switch), the screen came up gray with a bit of variable vertical striping. I had read the P20 freeze thread, so I just turned off the system. The next morning I turned it on and saw the same grey. In the evening (same day), I disconnected the plasma TV and the sub, and turned on the P15 again. It booted up and the display was working perfectly as if nothing had happened, and it’s been ok since.

The first time, the cooling fins were much hotter than the following days. The first time, I could put my hands on them without too much discomfort. I didn’t get to see the wattage, but the later listening sessions was around 300 W for movies (fins just a bit warm) and much less for stereo.

Thanks for letting us know your experience and I am delighted the P15 is giving you so much pleasure!

I’m really grateful for the level of service (!) Your retailer in Norway, Mala Audio/Sveinung Mala, who sold me the PS Audio components took action promptly so I feel I am in safe hands !!

… dear I say that I get this elevated feeling of joy when I hear really beautiful music (esp. classical) or enjoy a landscape like the one below (Lofoten Islands) - or when I encounter really well built and responsive high end components like these from PS Audio :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: (I’m an engineer, by the way)

Happy summer!

What did he do?

I’ll also take that as a Happy winter! for those of us who live on the other half of the planet.

Sveinung Mala suggested booting with SD card (reinstalling software), and since I couldn’t find P15 files on the support page, he got them from PS Audio staff :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes of course, Brodric. I have colleagues working in Adelaide by the way.

Which raises the question, should the P15 firmware be online?

Great. The PS Audio distributor here is based in Adelaide. Some nice hi-end audio gear is designed and built in Adelaide as well. Our cars used to be built in Adelaide but now are mostly built in South Korea…oops, I mentioned cars! Off to the naughty corner I shall sit.

Can’t resist: My wife just ordered a Hyundai Kona Electric with a probable delivery in 2020 (close to 10,000 Norwegians before her in the queue :sleeping: … according to the retailer) And by the way: “kona” = norwegian for “the wife” :grin: