P15 Bugs (maybe)

I have had a P15 for three months now and have enjoyed its results. However, I have encountered what I believe are bugs and I assume they are related to software issues since a “reboot” solves them.

  1. Once, the entire unit was completely unresponsive either via the remote or front panel, including the standby button. The unit remained powered on and supplying power but all interfaces were frozen. A hard power reset cured it.

  2. Once, I arrived to the rack to find everything off, cold off, nothing in standby. A look at the P15 screen and it gave a message “short circuit”. A hard power reset cured it.

Neither of these things have happened twice so I am optimistically chalking it up to software issues. I do not put the P15 in standby mode because it powers off all the stuff I want to keep in standby. I leave in on 24/4 and only dim the display to preserve the life in those parts of the P15.

Anyone else have these or similar issues? I hate to think of a day it has to be shipped back.

Another possibility would be input power flickers and therefore not something PS Audio could fix. I’m guessing but would think that some of the electronics in the P15 might be sensitive to a momentary power loss (~1 second on the phase you’re using) to which the the output circuitry would be immune. However without having some kind of a line power monitor that logs voltage over time, I’m not sure how you could rule out power flickers.

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I’ve had a P15 coming up on a year now and haven’t experienced either instances. I do however put mine into standby after the weekend as I sadly don’t get much time to listen during the week. We have heard of a few people mentioning that there P15 freezes after not touching it for a while, and our engineering team is looking into it. As you’d imagine, it’s a bit like watching grass grow.

As for the short circuit, this is a normal function that will be tripped on occasion. There’s never usually a rhyme to it but definitely a reason. Just means that the P15 saw a short. It’ll pop off in order to protect itself and downstream gear. Doesn’t happen very often.

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My P15 is more than 2 years old now, and I have experienced the exact 2 same incidents as you describe. One amplifier went dead and the P15 reacted immediately and reported ‘Short circuit’. But it’s worked perfectly since then.

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I just sat in my “Entertainment-Room” and watched the news and I had my stereo turned on but it didn’t doo anything, it just waited for me to start playing music, when my P15’s display turned itself on (I had turned it off because I let it “rest” all the time unless I must see something on my P15) and after that my P15 didn’t want to obey my remote so I had to “Hard-turn-it-off” with the powerswitch on the backside and after that everything worked great again.

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My P20 has been fine running once set up.The only issue I still have is that the outlets turn-on delay can’t be fully programmed on the front panel, only with the MAP address on the internet connection. This seems to effect ONLY the three sets of outlet zones that are arranged FOUR, not two, vertically. The P15 is fine to program off the front panel and interestingly, has all the outlets as two plugs vertical zones.

Once set-up with the MAP address it’s working fine but that internet interface is a pain, like it was on the P10, and the user interface delay program “upgrade” isn’t really all the way “up” yet! They know about it and will loop back and look at it sometime.

But as far as user interface issues it tripped itself up and locked up once on that was a cold boot fix. Never done it since and it is on 24/7.

I will be getting a P12 for my source componenets pretty soon so the P20 is BIG amps only.


On the rare times that I have to power down my BHK250 completely (from the back switch), and turn it back on, my p15 shorts out. Is this normal?!