P15 - random clicks?


I’ve noticed my p15 emits a random click every now and then. I haven’t observed or noticed any other problems with the unit. The click sounds similar to a input relay clicking on my BHK pre when i change inputs.

It’s not really bothering me but thought I’d ask to see if this is a common thing with the p15?



Hi there … I have noticed them same ‘issue’ with my new P15 - is this ‘normal’ - any ideas / suggestions ? Thanks!

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My understanding is the PowerPlants will revert to power coming out of the wall if the voltage or other parameter of the incoming power is too far out of spec for the PowerPlant to address it.

When this happens, take a look at the incoming voltage, THD in, THD out and let us know what you observe.

It’s possibly that you’re hearing the buck/boost relays in there. It’s very random when they occur because it’s dependent on the power that’s coming in.

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Thanks Elk / jamesh… will check the parameter and let you know … cheers

@jamesh do you happen to know at what voltage levels these relays are triggered?

I have heard my PPP click on occasion, but never my P5 or P20.

I sadly don’t. My intuition would be that if you have the unit set to 120, then it would click anytime incoming goes above or below that. If this were the case though, I feel like I’d hear my P15’s relays go off more often.

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My voltage is always all over the place in the roughly 116V to 126V range. Thus a PowerPlant is busy, but I do not hear clicks.

Of course, I may simply just not notice them as I am enjoying the music.


I noticed tonight that the clicks seem to happen more often when I power up my marantz 6014 AVR.

I have no clicks in my P15 but my P15 can give away a constant “Huum” sometimes but then I just power it off on the backside one or 2 times and then the “Huum” disappears and everything becomes nice & silent again.

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Hi @jhsg
My guess is that it has 9 channels rated at 180W each. Right?

Yes. Correct.

What would the usage meter on the P15 show when it goes clicking? Is it anywhere close to 80% of the available wattage capacity?

No, i never exceed 30%

I don’t ever get any clicks at that level. I wonder what is causing them. Is the Marantz connected to the high current zone (usually D&E)?

I use 3 power-amps from Primare, one 7 Channel A30.7 and two Primare A34.2, that I Bi-amp my main speakers with, and I don’t get any clicks so I don’t think it has anything to do with that your power-amp draws to much power & makes your P15 “Click”.

I also have a Primare SP33 pre-amp, two blu-ray players (Oppo BDP-95 & Oppo UDP-205) and have a subwoofer connected to my P15 without any problems.