PPP Clicking pretty constantly

Hi there. I’ve had my PPP for about 9 years or so with trouble free operation. Lately it has started to “click,” as if a relay is coming off and on. There seems to be no effect on the components plugged in, and nothing new has been plugged in in at least a year.

The incoming voltage is between 119 and 124, though usually stable at 121. Incoming distortion is 2.4, and so is outgoing distortion - 2.4.

The clicking happens when all devices are turned off, but the PPP is on.

The clicking happens when the PPP is turned off but still plugged into the wall.

The clicking is intermittent - it will be quiet for a number of hours and then start, and last for a number of hours.

All the Zones are set to “Switched,” the default setting.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your time!


Unfortunately, the regenerator has died. It needs to come home for service.

Hi frankrada,

Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the PPP.
The clicking sound is likely a failure in the amplitude stage of the PPP.
The unit will require repair.
Please reach out to us at service@psaudio.com and give us your shipping address and the unit’s serial number.
We’ll get you going with service.

  • Jeremy

Thanks for the info!


PS Audio will be very happy to trade your faulty PPP towards a refurbished P5, P10 or even a new unit. Your PPP have served you extremely well, but now this would be the smart move.

That sounds intriguing.

How much could I expect to pay to fix the PPP? What would it cost to switch to a refurbished unit with at least the same specs?




Give us a call and we can discuss repair options. We are getting a little low on parts for the PPPs but we can certainly discuss what we can do and the costs associated. 1-800-PSAUDIO option 2.


Just give Customer Service a call. They are very helpful. My PPP is on its way to Colorado
as I type. After servicing, it comes back with a one year warranty.

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You’ll need to sound PSA out on that, Frank - I don’t work for them. However, it’s my understanding that PSA prefers to “phase out” the PPP.

I’ll be contacting them. Thanks!