P15 vs P20


So the question for all those who have the P15…

will this device handle the following gear:
2x M1200 mono blocks
3x M700 Mono blocks
AV Preamp
Lumin U1 Mini Steaming transport
Holo Audio Spring DAC 3 (w preamp module)
Innuos server with after market PSU
(and perhaps a 2 ch. Emotiva 300wpc amp)

You may want to consider two P15’s if your budget allows for it.

Yeah… no. My budget will not allow…

I guess Ill just look at the meters and let them guide my decisions. The 2ch Emotiva amp will be the one to go first if things look dicy.

I bought a P15 on the recent sale. Zero regrets and zero P20 envy. End game for me.


really good to hear… what do you have plugged into it?

BHK 250, BHK Pre, DSD, PST, Auralic G1. And this weekend adding Dr. Feikert Volare turntable and Sutherland Insight phono stage.

I had P3 with the amp and pre in the high current outlets. The P15 with everything regenerated has been an amazing upgrade for me. Soundstage opened in all directions. No burn in time was needed to hear the profound impact.

This link will more than answer your question if the
P15 can handle your system…

How about a P12 handling 2 Emotiva XPA1s in Class A mode
and if you scroll down further you will see a Plinius amp
in there as well…P12 not breaking a sweat…

Don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill

Have fun looking through this thread.

The P15 will be better than the P12 you just saw…

Best wishes

You should actually be alright with that gear into the P15. The 1200s and 700s are so efficient that I really don’t think you’ll be pushing it too hard with them. I can’t imagine the Emotiva would push it over the edge but if it does, I think it’d be the first I would sacrifice as well.


Excellent. Appreciate your input here!

I have one Primare A30.7 power-amp, two Primare A34.2 power-amps, a KEF XQ 60b sub, a Primare SP33 pre-amp, two Oppo Blu-ray players, the 95 and 205 and my LG CX 77" OLED TV connected to my P15 and that is ultra-easy for my P15 so my guess is: “Yes, with no problems.”

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I have M1200, BHK Pre, DS, PST, and the only non-PSA product, a Euphony Summus 2 server all plugged into one P15. I never saw the wattage usage go over 300W, and the P15 never gets hot. You have nothing to worry about.

P15 with purple fuse, plus an AQ Dragon PC produces some magic music that is completely satisfying. I can move it easily by myself without hurting my back too.


When I had all my current gear including my Class A amplifer plugged into my P20 I was only using 850 watts with my P20.
I also have no regrets.


At what point on the load of the P15 would anyone suggest that they should consider a second unit? I’m around 53% static load right now.

I think the general rule is not to go over 80% or transient loads could kick it off line.


I have never hit 40% with my P20. At the moment I think it’s under 300 watts. Odd. Put the amp on it it jumps to 850. I need to get hungrier gear.

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How will you fed the Apex when its time? How many P20s will be needed?

Or with that beastly power supply provided in the Gryphon Apex will a Power Plant limit Gryphon Apex performance, especially dynamic swings. Just a thought.

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One P20 for each cord of course! :smile:


I am now an amplifier goes straight into the wall kinda guy.


I have to revisit this!