P20 and P15 Impressions & Review

The Blue fuse blew in my P20 today. It might have been me.
So while I wait for another, all is plugged into the wall. Yeesh, how everything is so flat without it!
It’s as if all my stuff is indignant, being plugged straight into 20 amp outlets.

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Hope you get the fuse quick. I have not used my system sans power plant for a year. Even if I wanted, I wouldn’t dare to.

Go for the Audio Magic ultimate premier and as for frequent flyer price. Audio Magic Ultimate Premier Fuse

I bought a 7 amp to avoid blwing issues.

@RonP, well I just received my P15, and after a 60minute static burn in I hooked up my amp, preamp, dac and cd player. All I can say is two things, why did I wait and should have purchased more than one.
The improvement is not subtle. Having come from a pair of P300s I expected an improvement, but not to this degree. Considered a P20, but it is just too big and heavy.


Congratulations. With time, you’ll love it even more!

Yeah, back is worth more than one’s ears! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Yes, the top end needs to settle down.


Easy on the back weed…with my lower back challenges, had to figure out how
to shclip n schlide the box …un pack …wrastle that beast up on to a “plinth” then
schlip n schlide to it’s resting place…

Super worthwhile though…glad you chose to get your P15…and there is
a burn in time…though it is flat out good fresh out of the box…


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Yes! Thanks for letting us know. It’s always gratifying when someone does finally take the plunge and they realize how much they’ve been missing all along.

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I purchased a P10 and after my recent power cable upgrade I realized I’m missing a lot to the point where my next step up might be a P15 or P20 if my budget allows!

By all means Paul, if you can swing it, go for a P20. The equipment you have deserves it. I went from a P12 to a P20 and the difference was pretty massive.
The quietness and sense of ease is unparalleled. And throw in a Audio Magic Beeswax Ultimate Premier fuse as icing on the cake. Beats the heck of the SR Orange fuse I had in there before.

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Yes, I love my P20, it’s the foundation of my system.

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This should be included in the packing of P15 and P20s :grin:


Not a half bad idea. I could certainly use one when moving around my obnoxiously large SVS SB-16 Ultra. I wonder if sub manufacturers would ever start putting handles on their subs. It would look terrible but would certainly save my back when doing the sub crawl.


It’s a grand idea…back saver for sure!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Hey, that’s nice! I think I’ll check to see if something like this is available on Amazon.

I have two of them. One extra large for a 140lb amp that I have and a smaller one for smaller electronics. Many of the hardware supply houses sell them.

I’d prefer sturdier wheels, besides, lifting wasn’t as bad as originally reported.

Just wish the P15 did not respond to our TV remote control. The TV is not used much, but the cat bumped the TV remote and the P15 when blank. It is a cheap Vizio TV in our summer home. I have the OK to upgrade to a Sony 65" OLED, was going for the LG, but it’s remote interferes with the P15 functionality. Personally PS Audio should re-evaluate their remote control functionality and overlap with other brands going forward.

You could go with one of these, or a set of Hilman rollers, and then for the most effective and effortless transport an air dolly:
Cast Aluminum Propel Dolly VPRDO-6T Tilt 6 Rollers 3000 Lb. Cap.


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You still need to lift it and set it on the cart, and then again off the cart. I have, but seldom use a two wheel cart as necessary. Padding anything prior to using the cart is mandatory.

The SVS SB-16 does have nice integrated handles on the factory box.